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not just photographing

A good photography experience is built on many different parts, as are all other services where the customer encounters a customer service representative. It is not enough for a photographer to be able to take good pictures, the clients must be gently guided through the entire customer journey map so that their wishes come true and they do not feel left unchecked or unaware of what will happen next.

Customer journey map

Customers most commonly find a business through either referrals, a search engine, or social media. On the website, customers can get more information about the photographer, the shooting style and the price list. When customers contact us, their wishes will be asked as well as possible, they are told what the customer journey map is and they can ask questions that may be on their minds. Before shooting, customers will also receive a comprehensive information package in the form of a digital publication that explains how to prepare for shooting and what kind of image products are available as well as the price list. Link to temporary digital publication:


On the day of the photoshoot, a discussion is held with the customer about, for example, how the photo or other detail desired by the customer will be done. In photoshoot, the client is gently guided so that there is no unpleasant feeling of inaction or "stiffness." Immediately after the photoshoot, the customer will be told about the next steps, the gallery delivery schedule, image selections and image products. Photoshoot will be paid on the day of shooting.

After the photoshoot, the customer will receive an email with instructions on how to select the images and how to order the image products. The email contains a delivery schedule for image products and digital files. The gallery also has photos of the image products for the customer to see. The customer has a limited time to select and order images. After the selections, the customer will receive an invoice for the image products and / or digital files, as well as a feedback questionnaire, which is optional. The files will be delivered after payment and the image products will be delivered to the customer personally packaged upon arrival

Valokuvausasiakkaan palvelupolku


Good photos are just the end product and often the photographer is selected by comparing search engine results (if not based on recommendations). Therefore, it is important that the websites are branded, easy to use, informative and search engine friendly, i.e. Search Engine Optimization is fine. These pages also have an embedded Facebook pixel, if necessary, for paid marketing. The brand is also visible elsewhere than on the website. Carefully selected fonts and logos are used in the info package, invoices and product packaging.

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